Testing for Hydrogen Gas Leaks

Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection: Intellipigment

Since hydrogen gas is odorless, colorless, and highly flammable, facility managers and staff have reported that finding the exact location of hydrogen gas leaks in an industrial setting is such a difficult problem that much time and resources are wasted. Facility personnel require a detection tool to quickly, accurately, and immediately locate leaks.

One solution is to utilize Intellipigment™, a color-changing pigment (chemochromic) technology for hydrogen leak detection for the aerospace, chemical, energy, and gas industries. Intellipigment™ identifies hydrogen leaks quickly, accurately, and immediately at the exact leak location. The color-changing pigment is in a tape application that can be easily applied to or wrapped around pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, access panels, etc.


The Intellipigment™ tape provides these great benefits:
  • Immediate permanent visual detection (20s response with H2 gas)
  • Great Sensitivity (<3 minutes @1% H2 gas)
  • Identifies specific leak location
  • Environmental effect resistant (i.e. UV, wind, rain, etc.)
  • No power required
  • Low cost



Intellipigment™ Color-Changing Tape for Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection


Intellipigment™ Tape for Color-Changing Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection


“Critical Issues Facing Power Plants Regarding Hydrogen Leaks” whitepaper.


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