HySense Technology LLC manufactures color changing (chemochromic) pigment for gas leak detection for the power plants, aerospace, chemical, energy, and gas industries. HySense specializes in Hydrogen gas leak detection, as well as other flammable/toxic gases.


HySense is dedicated to providing quality flammable/toxic gas leak detection products to help advance safety in the workplace and the community.


Nahid Mohajeri, Ph.D; Founder and CEO
Nahid Mohajeri, Ph.D; Founder and CEO of HySense Technology

Nahid Mohajeri, Ph.D


Dr. Mohajeri has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical research and industry, with 12 years of direct experience in hydrogen safety, detection, and storage-related R&D.  She has first-hand knowledge in bringing products through R&D and commercialization with strong emphasis on creating value for stakeholders and customers.


Dr. Mohajeri is the inventor/co-inventor of numerous patented proprietary technologies, and has many peer-reviewed publications.


Dr. Mohajeri is affiliated with the American Chemical Society and is an associate to the Women Chemists Committee.



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