Nitto, Inc. will be making and selling HySense’s hydrogen sensing tapes under a new licensing agreement.

Nitto, Inc., a US subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation, has acquired the assets of HySense Technology, LLC, and will operate under the licenses used to make and sell hydrogen sensing tapes previously supplied by HySense.  The patents continue to be owned by the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (UCF).

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  • Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection Safety in Power Generators

Color-Changing Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection

Hydrogen gas leaks pose many challenges for maintenance workers and can be extremely costly. Facility managers have reported that finding the exact location of hydrogen gas leaks in an industrial setting is such a difficult problem that it can cost millions of dollars in resources and labor. Gas leaks, such as those involving Hydrogen, are difficult to detect and have caused:


  • Human casualties (death and injuries)
  • Plant/facility closures and shutdowns
  • Extensive property damage
  • Environmental damage

In addition to electronic detection devices that show the general presence of leaked Hydrogen, many operators use “soapy water” to locate the origin of leaks. They have asked for a detection tool that will visually identify the specific leak location quickly, saving time and resources.


One alternative solution is to use a color-changing pigment called Intellipigment™ for hydrogen gas leak detection that provides a visual indicator at the specific leak location. The color-changing pigment is in a tape format that can be easily applied to or wrapped around pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, access panels, etc.

Intellipigment™ Leak Detection Tape

Intellipigment™ Tape


If there is a leak, the passive 24/7 Intellipigment™ hydrogen tape will change color to identify the location of the problem.
Utilizing color-changing Intellipigment™ hydrogen leak detection tape helps save lives, facilities, and cost by detecting leaks:


  • Rapidly
  • At the specific location
  • Without environmental effects
  • At low cost
Intellipigment™ tape is an invaluable resource, saving man-hours and cost.

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